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Vs 1.0 November 2016

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance on the Anti-Money Laundering and Know your

Client Policy which is followed by the Company in order to achieve full compliance with the

relevant anti-money laundering legislation.

To prevent money laundering, the Company neither accepts nor pays cash under any circumstances.

The company reserves the right to suspend any clients operation, which can be regarded as illegal

or, may be related to money laundering in the opinion of the staff.

Companys procedures

The Company will make sure that it is dealing with a real person or legal entity. The AML policy is

being fulfilled by means of the following:

• know your customer policy and due diligence

• monitoring of client activity

• record keeping

Know Your Customer and Due Diligence

Because of the companys commitment to the AML and KYC policies, each client of the company has to

finish a verification procedure. Client and beneficial owner identification must occur before the

establishment of a business relationship, given that the Company prohibits any client’s transaction or trade

before the identification procedure is completed.

Individual clients

During the process of registration, each client provides personal information, specifically: full name; date of

birth; origin; complete address, including phone number and city code. A client sends the following

documents (in case the documents are written in non-Latin characters: to avoid any delays in the verification

process, it is necessary to provide a notarized translation of the document in English) because of the

requirements of KYC and to confirm the indicated information:

1. Clear copy of Passport with photograph included;

2. A recent proof of home address in the person’s name.

All documents/certificates must not be more than 6 months old

3. Bank account details for settlement purposes


The Company may request notarized copies of the originals and in certain circumstances may request further


proof identification and documentation.

Monitoring of client activity

The Company continues to monitor the activity of every client to identify and prevent any suspicious

transactions. A suspicious transaction will often be one which is inconsistent with a the client’s known,

legitimate business or personal activities or with the normal business of the specific account, or in general

with the economic profile that the Company has created for the client.. The Company has implemented the

system of monitoring the named transactions (both automatic and, if needed, manual) to prevent using the

companys services by criminals.

Deposit and withdrawal requirements

All the clients operations to deposit and withdraw funds have the following requirement:

 In case of bank transfer or transfer from a bank card, the name, indicated during the registration must

match the name of the owner of the account/bank card.

Record keeping

For client due diligence, a copy of the references of the evidence is required, for a period of at least 5 years

after the business relationship with the client has ended.